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Fix & Adjustable Pipette Model


The Fortuna Scientific brand of micropipettes is available in both fixed and variable volume models. They are made according to high precision standards and have been very well received in Singapore and neighboring countries. Owing to the low cost of manufacturing in Asia, our pipettes come at a very competitive price.

Features :
- Research Micropipette with Soft grip made of Thermo Plastic Elastomer. The soft grip minimizes fatigue of hands & fingers.
- Minimum transfer of body heat to the pipette resulting in high accuracy even on continuous use.
- Easy identification of volumes through colour coding.
- Click Stop digital system ensures no unwanted volume alterations during pipetting.
- Calibration through EN ISO 8655.
- Each Pipette has its individual Serial Number and a Calibration Report is enclosed with each pipette.
- Two Step pluger operation allows reverse pipetting technique, useful for pipetting certain liquids.
- Easy in-lab calibration. Calibration tool provided with each pipette.
- Autoclavable tip cone.
- 1 (one) year warranty.

Fixed Volume Pipettes available :
Model No. Description
FS1 F2.5 Fix Vol. Micropipette 2.5 ul
FS1 F5 Fix Vol. Micropipette 5 ul
FS1 F10 Fix Vol. Micropipette 10 ul
FS1 F20 Fix Vol. Micropipette 20 ul
FS1 F25 Fix Vol. Micropipette 25 ul
FS1 F50 Fix Vol. Micropipette 50 ul
FS1 F100 Fix Vol. Micropipette 100 ul
FS1 F200 Fix Vol. Micropipette 200 ul
FS1 F250 Fix Vol. Micropipette 250 ul
FS1 F500 Fix Vol. Micropipette 500 ul
FS1 F1000 Fix Vol. Micropipette 1000 ul
FS1 F2000 Fix Vol. Micropipette 2000 ul
FS1 F5000 Fix Vol. Micropipette 5000 ul

Variable Volume Pipettes available :
Model No. Description
FS1 V10 Variable Vol. Micropipette 0.5 - 10 ul
FS1 V50 Variable Vol. Micropipette 5 - 50 ul
FS1 V100 Variable Vol. Micropipette 10-100 ul
FS1 V1000 Variable Vol. Micropipette 100-1000 ul
FS1 V20 Variable Vol. Micropipette 2 - 20 ul
FS1 V200 Variable Vol. Micropipette 20 - 200 ul
FS1 V5000 Variable Vol. Micropipette 500-5000 ul

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